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“We are Guests of the Earth, not its masters. And, like ill-mannered children at a banquet offered freely by a generous and forgiving host, we have behaved badly and are in danger of spoiling the gathering for everyone else.”

Mark Ryan & John Matthews “The Wildwood Tarot”

We three freaks from the Ribble are … it’s hard to say because it all started some time ago, with performances and wine and maybe some beer; and poetry and stories, all of this was a good thing there might even be some singing later on and there was definitely a lot of howling (it’s the moon in these parts it does make one feel like howling at every opportunity).

I suppose I better explain, hmm some time ago I met a Poet called Lorna Smithers and a Story-teller called Peter Dillon and there was a brief interlude where Lorna and myself (Nicolas Guy Williams) and a Poet called William Park (though he doesn’t like being called a Poet) and a young up and coming Poet Called Ben Fletcher performed as a group called 4Poets performance project; well William left and so did Ben and Irene Flack and another joined and well there was a lot of performance but no real howling including a performance at the Harris Library in Preston at the Harris Flights … obviously this caused us to leave the group as well and decide to form a new group called “Guests of the Earth” where we could tell stories read poems and howl (what am I talking about it’s all about the howling really (now we can get onto the important stuff … did I mention howling ?)) … and so Guests of the Earth was born.

We first performed … ok … am just waiting for confirmation on that … aha yes we first performed a set of inter-weaved poems and stories called “The Howling Wood” (I told you we’d get back onto the howling) at the coach House at Hurst Grange Park in Penwortham on Saturday the 29th of March 2014 as part of Penwortham Live. We then performed the same set (slightly evolved) at Knitty Nora’s and Knot like the Bug Explorer in Chorley as part of the literary festival event “Chorley What’s Your Story” on Saturday the 26th April 2014 (with a matinee performance at Chorley Library).

Howling Wood at Knitty Nora's courtesy of Chorley Guardian http://www.chorley-guardian.co.uk/news/local/spread-the-word-success-story-is-being-re-run-1-7076238
Howling Wood at Knitty Nora’s courtesy of Chorley Guardian http://www.chorley-guardian.co.uk/news/local/spread-the-word-success-story-is-being-re-run-1-7076238

During this time we were meeting up writing together and working upon evolving more sets for more performances, the next set we built up was called “Myths of Ancient Britain (not that nasty King Arthur)” at Longton Library during Longton Live on Saturday the 7th June 2014 (we are almost a year old and still howling). We are fluid and can perform as two or three and add folk too so due to work pressure etc the next performance was only two, Lorna and Peter  who performed “Through Autumn Leaf-Gold” at Chorley Library on Saturday the 4th October (was sad I missed that one but it is good to know that the performance and more importantly the Howling goes on).

We are currently writing a set which has hounds and Howling and supernatural shenanigans … hmm … new events and performances and sets will be announced here upon our new Home Blog along with possibly some recordings of howling … (it’s all about the howling in the end even if the howling is in some poems)


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