The Howling Wood 2014

Follow us into the Howling Wood on the trail of ancient animals… meet with outlaws and rebels… hear them howl… once no forest was defenceless…


Ribble‘This is the ancient chase
The quivering stag
Magnificent upon the far shore climbed
Turned white flank
Ghost black eyes upon him
Hunter stood with arrow raised
Underneath penultimate stars heart beating
Lowered his hungry bow.’


‘A forest
Leaning Yewholds a very small possibility
in the sigla of trees
and in a ruddock’s song.

Raindrops lace the ivy,
in a cinema of shade
fairytales catch hands
with desperate grace

for in my nightmare
the leaning yew fell down
the door to Annwn closed
although the wolves still howl’


The house with chicken feet comes only when the hairless wolves have gone

Deep back to cold forest

Hear them HOWL!


Once no forest was defenceless.


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