The Silencing of the Flowers 2015

These flowers spin the tales of spring maidens…

‘She came from the warm soil, the life-giving rain and love of the sun. She grew alongside celandines, aconites and narcissi and was the fairest fruit of the bountiful earth.’

Misty meadow‘She wanders fields of meadow buttercup
passes ponds of opening water lilies
barefooted weaves may flowers
into an anklet dance-steps
to the woodland edge
gathers hawthorn blossoms
for her headress and wedding gown.’

And he of many names and guises who pursues them…

‘He was the king of the underworld- Hades – the Lord of the silent shades, the custodian of the souls and spirits that had departed the light.’

Ribble‘Oh soul hunter for whom do you long
On these misted nights
By the river where
Purgatory meets that ferryboat
Whose trusted oars
Still burn with frost even in the summer.’

 They sing of deaths and descents…

‘run maiden run
before the sleep that never ends
but though we howled and though we shouted
she did not hear and thus his fangs
did catch her out and he dragged her down
into the soil’

Star over Glastonbury‘The blackthorn unfurls its roots.
The black horse plunges.
The blackness is absolute.
Unable to tell if she rides horse or night
Heart still breath stopped she floats in a void
Sees an unendurable light: the king of the underworld beckons.’

Will spring return? Will the flowers complete their tale or be forever silenced?

To find out come to our next performance:
Chorley What’s Your Story?
Saturday 25th April 1.00 – 1.45pm
Market Walk, 37 Market Street, Chorley PR7 1DE


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